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tv   News Weekly  RT  December 9, 2013 4:44am-5:01am EST

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the truth is is a reflection of the will of the people if you ask me so you think that any a hole is just running through achieve the goal so you think that anyone who is bluffing because netanyahu because i've spoken to a couple of israeli parliament ariens i've spoken to two israelis and they're all for a strike. yes yes no i don't think that he's bluffing he's an absolute psychopath and he reflects he reflects the agenda for the powers that be in israel each one of these players netanyahu george bush obama you know cameron they're all puppets and they're all supposed to read a different script at different times depending on what the agenda is the agenda is shifting slightly and it looks like israel and the people of israel the jewish state of israel are like sheep being led to slaughter because ultimately the policies of israel are completely and totally unsustainable even the cia said in two thousand and nine that israel would not be any would not even exist within twenty years henry kissinger and some said it wouldn't exist within ten years and the reason why is because its policies are totally self destructive and the puppet
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masters are quite happy to sacrifice the people of israel they are going to destroy themselves if they do attack iran because iran can fight back and does have allies in a lot of countries are sick and tired of israel's threats to both its an immediate neighbors and even to the rest of the world when we look at the samson option i encourage people to google samson option and look at the threat that israel has posed to the world if things don't go its way but when you talk about the united states that it states is israel's main supporter but right now we see that it's kind of open to iran as well knowing how much anxiety that raises among his rallies what does it tell you about the u.s. well it tells me that the people are beginning to realize their power i think there are things that correlate the approval rating for barack obama in the u.s. congress is about as low as it's possible to get somewhere in the neighborhood of ten percent twenty percent maximum the people have come to
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a point where they are sick and tired of being lied to they know they're being lied to and when they see their so-called leaders trying to cooperate with israel and yet another war that would lead to disastrous consequences for the region and for the united states and every other person involved they've had it and the reflection of the policies is that and is indeed that of the. people it's the people who are sick and tired and i do see that there is some demarcation coming going on here between israel and the united states but this is because the power of the people is rising and as we saw in syria the congress and the president was all basically saying the red line was crossed blah blah blah blah blah and this blatantly false flag attack in syria has backfired they were not able to carry out this agenda and this is only empowering the people that much further. do you think iran should be allowed to develop its nuclear program. i think it's absolutely hypocritical insane that we would sit here and foot fixate on iran and its suppose that nuclear weapons program which i don't believe exists but nonetheless who could blame iran if they
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were developing a nuclear weapon if the united states and the west taught any lesson to the rest of the world with the invasion and occupation of iraq it was that saddam hussein was a fool for actually disarming because by disarming all he did was make it that much easier for the empire to come in and destroy the entire country so the lesson we teach to the world is that the best way to defend yourself is to get yourself a nuclear weapon and of course the biggest culprit of using nuclear weapons and producing nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction is my birth nation of the united states and i find it absolutely insane that we sit here and talk about iran's supposedly clean weapons program when you know the united states is producing every kind of weapon under the sun is spending more than every other military on the planet combined and it's involved in more war and more death and more suffering than every other nation combined and yet it's sitting there on a pedestal talking about other nations developing weapons of mass destruction it is insane that we even allow them to do this the first nation that needs to disarm without question is the united states and the first nation to be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity is my birth nation of the united states once we
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start seeing actions like this that will know that people in positions of power serious because ultimately the rest of the world is sick and tired of the impunity and the continuous threats of a third world war so we've reached a point now where human beings around the planet are realizing we can't do this we can't have a third world war this is not a game but that you haven't answered my question do you think iran should be able to develop its nuclear program i think that every nation should disarm right now every every every nation that has a weapons program should be inspected by a legitimate international body and those nations with the highest amount of weapons of mass destruction nuclear weapons are the first ones to start disarming and when those nations start disarming that i would say that the rest of the world will also have to show that it's disarming as well but while the united states is able to maintain the largest military might in the history of this world and continues to use those weapons against all of the countries. pocker see that the west would see that other countries can't have such things i don't want any weapons in this world but it's not right for us in the west and in particular particularly
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the united states to say that we can have all these weapons and the rest of the world will bomb you to the stone age if used to even try to think to defend yourself it's beyond hypocrisy it's ridiculous the u.s. needs to disarm and the world needs to insist on that now i've read in your blog that you said this world meets one thing about all others and that sanity but doesn't set it depends on what side of the argument you're on no i think we were all saying when we were children and unfortunately what passes as education is actually indoctrination and through indoctrination we've turned into really largely a bunch of dupes who've been slaves ourselves without even knowing it but when you regain the capacity to think for yourself to actually become human it becomes very clear for instance if we look at these politicians who historically lied to us over and over and over again and we realize that the war making industries are absolutely inherently in interested in perpetuating war and if we look at the people in positions of power and we see how they continuously reap major bonuses
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with the banks they get bailouts to the tune of trillions and yet we're being told that we're not working hard enough that we are in debt all of these things combined lead us to a point where we reach that certain level of sanity and realize you know what this entire system does not represent me and in fact every person on this planet every single person this planet is fighting the same enemy and that enemy uses the financial system to enslave all of us it's not a it doesn't take a genius to figure this out in fact more and more people are figuring this out and a point of sanity brings us to a point where we realize enough this is a game that cannot be played we're risking our own collective suicide here and as a sane person i will not contribute in any way towards this never ending policy of war which is leading us to the brink of destructive of destruction and this is not a this is not about being intelligent this is about being sane first and foremost the average person can understand this very easily now i know that you have renounced us said citizenship more than twice three times i think right so having to use pass for it is a dream for so many people what's so wrong with it i mean you don't have to agree
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with us policies but is america all that bad. well when you look at citizenship you have to understand that citizenship is a contract it's a social contract between the state and the citizen under that contract you have supposedly rights and you also have obligations now i look at the obligations of being a u.s. citizen and i realize i cannot pay into a tax system which is mostly pain but basically paying up debt to the bankers but nonetheless we pay into a tax system which is used to produce military capability that is also ultimately used in other parts of the world which is ultimately killing my brothers and sisters in other parts of the world i do not agree to subscribing to our excuse me contributing to a tax system that is being used to commit mass murder against people i consider to be my brothers and sisters halfway around the world it's a violation of my ethics as a man as someone who believes and justice for everyone and wants a better world for everyone i cannot pay for the murder of my brother or sister and
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that's part of the contract of citizenship so i said which was to me a sensible thing and a moral thing to do to take my name off of that contract because i do not agree to it and ultimately i will walk away and i live to paradise life in hawaii i have my own business i was making money lived on the beach did something i loved you know i loved i had a beautiful beautiful life and i walked from that because i absolutely one hundred percent disagree with the actions of my birth nation and find them so criminal that i need my name to be taken off that list i will enter into a contract again with the united states if indeed it carries itself with author and will respect the u.s. constitution of the u.s. constitution is indeed made the supremes law of the united states that i will happily come back to my nation and adhere to the contract so why did it take so many times to renounce his citizenship to actually terminate it while what were the americans holding onto you for some special reason. should it be just easy to renounce the saddler and i believe it isn't anymore and period well it's not it's a difficult process it's costly you have to leave the country you have to swear
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under oath you have to hand over your passport you have to fill out the forms i've done all that i would argue probably the reason why they have not altered my self my right of self to. from a nation of human right of self-determination it's because it could set a precedent which could spark an imaginative idea that people could look at around the world and say you know what i don't actually agree with this contract with my nation any longer i want to enter into a new contract this is why i refer to myself as a world citizen we're all world citizens my human family is where my allegiance goes i don't give my allegiance to one unit one group one nation one religion my whole human family is a brother and sister and ultimately i give my allegiance to them that's the contract i will honor and if any other contract inferior to that one would try to compel me to pay for the murder of my brother or sister die will not i will not partake in that contract i'm living here in the u.k. and haven't made enough money to even be taxable for the last twelve years but i might make enough money this year to actually be taxable and i'll tell you what i will not pay into the u.k. tax system and fund the murder of my brothers and sisters halfway around the world i simply refuse to do it and i would argue that other people should look at
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a contract like that and maybe if we all decide to enter into a new contract like that we can end war for good so you say your world citizen is there any place that you love more than other where you living in the u.k. if you don't like u.k. policy i love hawaii my my my adopted homeland is hawaii and the hawaiian nation was stolen by the united states and eight hundred ninety three and yet there are my hawaiian brothers and sisters who are hawaiian nationals and who know who they are and have not forgotten who they are and take pride in who they are and if they have their way and i have my way the hawaiian nation will no longer be a military outpost but the united states launching its wars of aggression against everybody the latest book the man hawaii is the place that i long to live i plan to return there but i want the empire out of hawaii hawaii is not an extension of the us empire it is a hawaiian nation and the people of hawaii the kind of kamali deserve to have their nation back thank you so much for those wonderful interesting interview that's it for today fed ex and we'll see you in the next edition of said.
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they look like bounty islands where the locals can enjoy the sun and the ocean. was buried here years ago. means these people are suffering the consequences. how much more poison lies on the ground. behind this there is what we call the callet bank on which there is a deposit of plutonium left by security test which caused the dispersion of radio nuclides despite previous cleaning efforts there remains a deposit of a little less than two kilos of plutonium stuck in the rock the coral reef about ten metres down yuki attests a never ending legacy. you have to remember that israel if there were in the cabin the award for best dramatic
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performance by a country israel would win every year it's a real it's a theater. not to know who is the star of the theater so i would serve the few moments ago now we have to distinguish between is a rhetorical position and its actual position israel wouldn't be investing billions and billions of dollars into building this wall if it wanted territory beyond the wall if i go back to our lines of even i made a i had a hard time doing this not this go ahead go ahead go ahead i'm sorry if it's not just the the wall and the west bank and gaza there in that. syria actually because it's true poland they're drilling gas they're taking somebody else of gas and oil.
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i was thinking somehow i have to come back because mom was waiting for me. i just knew that everything would be fine for some reason they were so confident because we were going to get married officially after he came back how could he not come back because the mere thought of it never crossed her mind. when the militants decided to try and break through her new guinea screaming grenade. explosions blew him will run his back. a little and it was all over all. we know that our comrades on our commander won't leave us no matter how tough it gets we're a team. they're getting was a senior in his military trio. you know he knew that if he didn't smother that grenade with his body. more of just comrades would die he gave his own life to save his friends.
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right to see. first street. and i were being featured. on a reformist twitter. instrument. to be a mole. was
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. a. brochure as in ukraine's capital grow in size a number as the so-called million man march owns the blockade of government buildings and an investigation into alleged attempts to seize power. a fresh round of arrests in bahrain breeze the total number jail to nearly three thousand in the almost three get uprising oxalis claim the crime down is intensifying. under warn the workers the british government is accused of attacking trade unions also ordering interest occasion into protesting tactics.


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